🚀 Highlighted Projects

I've worked on a variety of projects, ranging from small MVPs to full-scale applications, also developed a wide array of features and functionalities in projects.


About ITCC

ITCC is Bali's largest Information Technology competition - known for its engaging and innovative technology topics. Participants from diverse backgrounds compete in software development, web development, and more. The event fosters a culture of innovation and drives technological advancements in the region, shaping the future of IT in Bali.


Featured technologies used

💼 Work Experiences

I have previously worked on freelance web development projects as a full-stack developer, and held a full-time job as a full-stack developer.

Sagara Technology

Back-end Developer

Since: November 2022 - March 2023

Working on the speed gear development team using django and creating a scalable api service

Responsibilities and things I did

  • Engage in active discussions with the Product Manager UI/UX Designer, and Frontend Engineer to thoroughly understand and define the essential API features required for the application.
  • Perform maintenance to ensure optimal backend system performance. Continue to improve application capabilities by developing and incorporating new features based on the requirements that have been given